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Ultrasonic Humidifier with Essential Oil

Ultrasonic Humidifier with Essential OilThis iTVanila humidifier with a relatively low weight so it's extremely easy to shift it and...
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Ultrasonic Humidifier with Essential Oil

This iTVanila humidifier with a relatively low weight so it's extremely easy to shift it and place it in different places where will redefine the enviroment with his high relaxing potencial. It has a strong spreading power even if it's completely silent while functioning. It has the option of shutting down automatically when is needed or programmed in case the user sets the sleeping mode. It has an autonomy of at least 12 hours and it can be used with all kinds of essential oils and aromas. It's suitable for everyone, women, men and kids and especially helps to enhence the mood .

Ultrasonic technology
3 mist modes
360°mist Nozzle
Sleep mode(quiet):< 35 db
5L vast capacity
Timer(up to 12h)
Auto shut-off
Essential oils usage
Operating area:About 330-430 ft²/30-40 m²
No expensive filter needed

Water tank capacity:5L/1.32gallon.
Voltage:100-240V 50/60Hz.
Gross weight:1.3kg
Carton size:L18inch*W17.6inch*H14.6inch

Operating Intructions:

1.Remove Nozzle cap
2.Use tank handle to remove water tank
3.Turn water tank upside down and remove water tank cup
4.Fill tank with cool water. Do not fill with warm or hot water
5.Securely replace tank cap alligning arrow to lock symbol. Be sure cap seal is securely placed
6.Place tank back on base

1.It is recommended to clean the machine regularly, make sure to turn off the machine power and unplug it before cleaning.
2.Humidifier’s external cleaning: wipe the exterior surface with a clean soft cloth with a temperature below 104 °F.Do not use hard objects while cleaning in order to avoid any damage of the components. Do not use chemical detergents to clean.
3.It is adviced to change the water weekly in order to keep the tank clean.
4.Storage:Make sure the unit is dry;Pack unit in orignal carton.

  • ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: With an advanced sensitive touch button to control the diffuser humidifier you will easily control the ultrasonic emissions with just a finger.
  • BIG TANK CAPACITY: Enjoy long lasting diffusion thanks to the easy filling 1.32 Gallon (5L) tank which allows you to choose among 3 levels of mist modes.
  • RELAXING AND SAFE: An oil diffuser suitable to be used with all kinds of aromas and essential oils, it will spread a relaxing feeling in any room from the very first usage thanks also to the no-sound system. Ideal for offices and home!
  • SIMPLY AUTOMATIC: Extremely easy to use, with an adjustable shutdown timer up to 12 hours and an automatic shut down modality. It's the perfect humidifier for the bedroom!
  • EFFECTIVE EVERYWHERE: It’s power effectively helps to spread the mist in every kind of place, even in a larger space like living room, bathroom, bedroom and office. WIth such an ultrasonic diffuser everyone will enjoy and benefit from it, women, men, kids and babies.