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Aroma Fragrance Diffusers For Cars

Did you know that the car has some of the most toxic air of all? The air in the car...
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Did you know that the car has some of the most toxic air of all? The air in the car is filled with toxins from the heat, pollution and other vehicles on the road. Thankfully, there is a safe and healthy solution to this problem. The Aroma Fragrance Diffusers For Cars uses natural plant extract aromatherapy to keep the air in your car fresh and healthy. This is great as a gift for someone you know or for yourself. 

This car fragrance is made using herbal extracts, which primarily consist of essential oils to ensure that only clean air is being distributed in your car. This item comes in 3 different colors and easily attaches with a clip to any air outlet. Get yours today!



  • Comes with the attachable click that fits on any air outlet/vent
  • Each diffuser lasts approximately 120 days 
  • Comes in the red, black and gold color schemes
  • Not found in stores 
  • Purifies the air inside of the car removing toxins and other harmful carcinogens 
  • Made of aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable


Package includes:

  • 1 x Solid Car Fragrance 
  • 2 x Aroma Diffuser Sticks


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