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                            Compact Multipurpose Touch-Up and Travel Iron

                            Compact Multipurpose Touch-Up and Travel Iron with Deluxe Travel Bag Color:Black Collar Perfect is a compact and quick ironing solution...
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                            School Backpack on Apple iOS 11.3
                            Compact Multipurpose Touch-Up and Travel Iron with Deluxe Travel Bag
                            Collar Perfect is a compact and quick ironing solution that works by clamping onto collars, cuffs, creases, between buttons, and other parts to smooth out wrinkles. What makes it Perfect is the ability to transform by opening to flatten the wings for use like a regular iron. Collar Perfect comes with five adjustable temperature settings and international power support to iron out all of life's wrinkles.
                            From the Manufacturer
                            Perfect for Quick Touch Ups and Hard to Reach Places
                            The unique design allows for quick and easy touch ups along pesky shirt collars, between buttons, along pant creases, and other hard to reach areas.
                            Convertible Wings are Perfect for Detailed Ironing
                            The convertible wings rotate for traditional ironing on the fly for when you need more than a quick touch up.
                            Adjustable Heat Settings
                            Six adjustable heat settings perfect for any fabric.
                            Powered for Travel
                            Built in support for either 110v or 220v requirements.
                            Rotating Power Cord
                            Rotating Power Cord perfect to provide improved user ability in detailing and ironing needs.
                            Perfect for Every Situation
                            Whether you are traveling, at an important meeting, making a first impression, or simply want to look your best, Collar Perfect has your covered.
                            About the Startup
                            Describe your product in 3 words.
                            Simplifies Ironing Completely
                            How did you come up with the idea for this product?
                            After spending hours ironing shirts for the week and fighting frustration with pesky collars, I knew there had to be a simpler way to flatten collars. I wanted a way to quickly spot treat a garment only where ironing was needed and without the need of an ironing board. The initial design focused on just ironing shirt collars, however, this quickly expanded to address other difficult locations to iron. The final design provided a small and simple solution that allowed for quick touch ups in the hard to reach areas, but could transform its wings for more detailed coverage when needed.
                            What makes your product special?
                            Collar Perfect provides a simple and compact ironing solution that provides quick touchups without the use of an ironing board. Whether you need a quick touch up for full garment care, ironing garments can be done quickly and easily. Collar Perfect also has six heat settings, 110v or 220v electrical support, rotating power cord, and adjustable wings for touch ups on the fly.
                            What has been the best part of your startup experience?
                            We wanted to create a device that was simple and quick to use, and but in a small and compact size. It was a real challenge, because creating the functionality to provide for quick touch ups and traditional ironing while supporting a wide range of heat settings was a difficult challenge. We managed to achieve that goal by allowing the wings to pivot and including a floating heating elements to provide maximum surface area coverage. This design allowed us to create a small and compact sized unit that made it simple and easy to use.
                            6 heat settings: Perfect for any ironing needs
                            Flip out wings: Perfect for touch ups on the fly
                            Compact design: Perfect for traveling
                            International power support: perfect for either 110v or 220v power requirements
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