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Acrylic Paint Pen

 🎨 Acrylic Paint Pen 😁   Benefits of painting Strengthens Memory: Painting boosts memory recollection skills and works to sharpen the...
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 🎨 Acrylic Paint Pen 😁


Benefits of painting

Strengthens Memory: Painting boosts memory recollection skills and works to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation.

Emotional Intelligence: Emotions are part of the creative world we all have inside. Making those emotions flow through painting helps create harmony between the heart and mind, which leads us to experiment happiness, love, empathy and peace.

Communication: Art makes us more of the human; it helps us to communicate in a different, personal language.

Concentration and Healing: People who immerse themselves several hours painting or creating something enter a purer area, in a very strong state of concentration; they abstract themselves from their surroundings and time passes by without noticing it.

Therapy: Painting is an individual activity even in the workshop or classroom; the student enters his/her own world, a world full of possibilities.

Self-esteem: Working in a non-competitive, relaxed environment (the teacher plays a major role here) will enable the students to come closer to greater personal achievements; this will strengthen his/her individuality and self-esteem.

Promotes an Optimistic Attitude: Creating beautiful work through painting encourages a more optimistic approach to life. A painter begins by setting goals to further painting skills and become a more advanced artist.


Product description

ZEYAR® is a professional art&crafts artwork manufacturer. The world of science is full of many beautiful colors! Some of the colors in our world cannot be seen with just your eyes, but we are trying to give you more colors for your options. 18 colors per order can create you a colorful world, give you more options to improve your imagination. Excellent quality with the advanced valve-action structure inside the marker. Non-toxic, xylene free and safe to use, conforms to ASTM D-4236 certificate. Nearly any surface for drawing: suitable for rocks, canvas, paper, wood, metal, glass, plastic, leather and so on. The tip is made from nylon material, which is fragile and precious. Be careful when in use and recap after use.

  • Valve-action Structure: Great control of ink and gas, High-Technology, Archival Quality, Safe for Use by Children
  • Multi-Colors: 18 vibrant colors: Black, Brown, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pastel Blue, Blue, Violet, Pastel Pink, Pink, Pastel Yellow, Light Green, Metallic Violet, Metallic Blue, Gold, Silver
  • Ink Certificated: Conforms to ASTM D-4236 certificate, non-toxic and acid free. But don't swallow it.
  • Quick-drying, erasable with a hard scrape and soluble in water; suitable for repeated drawings on the same surface
  • Smooth Writing: Writes on nearly any surface with your imagination and creation, allowing you to easily write on paper, stone, rubber, ceramics, wood, canvas, glass, plastic and more!