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Wifi Surge Protector AC Plug

 ⚡🔌 Wifi Surge Protector AC Plug 🔌 ⚡   Wifi smart power strip can help you to arrange your household appliances...
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 ⚡🔌 Wifi Surge Protector AC Plug 🔌 ⚡


Wifi smart power strip can help you to arrange your household appliances no matter where you are. You just remote control them by cellphone from any time, or voice control them by Alexa or google home.

Product Specifications

Color: White
Maximum current: 16A
Input: AC 110-125V/50-60Hz
Output: AC 110-125V/16A
Material: ABS+PC
Flame retardance: UL94 V-0
Operating temperature:0℃-40℃
Wireless Type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Support system: Alexa/Home/IFTTT
Support mobile: Android/IOS

How to Use with Smart Life?
1. Search "Smart Life" on your app store, or scan the QR code on User Manual to download and install it.
2. Register your Smart Life account.
3. Plug the wifi smart plug into an AC outlet.
4. Add device on App.
5.Connect the plug to your 2.4Ghz wifi (your cellphone also connect it)

How to Use with Google Home?
1. Launch the Google Home app, click "Home Control", on the top right, click"+".
2. In the list, input "Smart Life", find & launch, bind "Smart Life" app account, follow the prompts. Then it appears in "Devices".

Warm tips:
1. The wifi outlet plug supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network only.
2.The app compatible with Android 4.1 or higher; IOS 8.0 or higher.
3. Please do not connect to any household appliances over 1800W.

Package Include:
1* Wifi Plug
1* User Manual

Voice Control: 4 AC output ports can be voice controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant individually, 2 USB ports can be used as a group for voice control.

Remote Control: No matter where you are, you can turn on or off the AC power socket and USB port through the free app “smart life” on your mobile phone or tablet via a Wifi/3G/4G network.

Safety Assurance: FCC & ROHS certificate ensures quality and safety protection. The smart power strip is equipped with the surge protector, overcurrent protection, overload protection, over-heated protection and anti-lighting protection, can effectively absorb the sudden huge energy, protect your equipment and your home safety. It also has a separate safety door to prevent children and pets accidentally touch the socket, keep away from danger.

Timed Control and Energy Saving: You can customize the schedule as a need to automatically turn the device on or off. Independently control each AC outlet can reduce power consumption.

Easy to Operate and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: plug the smart power strip into your wall outlet, download the free app "smart life" from your cellphone (works with iOS8 or higher/Android 4.2 or higher), add it into your account via 2.4Ghz wifi.